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Any Potty Training Tips Please?

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I’m currently starting the potty training process for my son. Does anyone have any tips? My son just refuses to sit on the potty 😩

10 days ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig10 days ago

If he is refusing he might not be ready yet. Is he able to communicate that he needs to pee or poo? Does he do a 'wee dance'? Does he go somewhere private when he needs to poo? If not he probably isn't ready yet. Make sure he associates the potty with going to the toilet. Put the potty in the place he feels is private for him to use it. Or try just putting him on the toilet, some toddlers just don't like pottys.

Ann198410 days ago

I not long ago done this and was successful within weeks keep potty where is seen and not moved around. Leave him hour in morning with only trousers or pants. Same in evening, he will go on it but don't push and say pee pee on potty. My little one went on when I was in kitchen and she was so proud. She was dry in days and within 3 months she now dry at night too. Don't use pull ups as they will only soak up the wee. He will soon learn to know being wet is uncomfortable.

ClaireF197810 days ago

I've had really good things about the Oh Crap method, there's a book.

I just got mine to sit on the potty a couple of times a day first thing in the morning and last thing before bath. I got them started with this way before they were ready to potty train to introduce the idea of it being an option. It kind of happened naturally from there at around 24 months. All the techniques and tips will be mostly age dependent or child dependent based on their feelings about it. I know older children who really struggled with the idea of not going in their nappy.

nissan310 days ago

This could help if it helps adults should work on kids.


Auntielettie10 days ago

I can only tell you how we did it. Heating on, child stripped from the waist down, stayed in one room with toys and tv and the potty. One kid took 2 days to twig, the others 5 days. I just wanted it over and lesson learned quickly. All done one week before they were 2years old.

Best of luck to you

AgnesFaludi10 days ago

My daughter was the same, but u can not force it. They bored on the toilet...It will happen...

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