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Psychic Readings?

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Have you ever or would you ever go to a psychic or medium? Do you believe in it or is it mainly cold reading and guess work? just interested as ive been invited and not sure to get involved TIA

a year ago
What do you think of this?
ClaireF1978a year ago

I would go out of curiosity. I know a few people who have been and had some really accurate things mentioned and they swear it wasn't cold reading.

ShellyAnna year ago

I used to have to do tarot card readings. One of my money making ideas but little did I now how difficult it would be.. I do read tarot cards but I had no idea how indept and complex this would prove to be. Happy to not do it now. People would have huge lists of questions, many of which couldn't be answered as it was literally will I get a text message at 7pm tonight? People were aggressive, unstable and generally had a few screws loose. Also there were things under my contract that we were not allowed to talk about such as pregnancy, criminal cases and health matters. I had regular clients who were a nightmare. Some would disagree and argue with me if they did not like what cards I pulled. I would see a psychic but most are cons. Some people are psychic (I have my moments, but its not constant with me), but I would rather try and meditate and find the answer to any questions I have myself or read my own cards. My friend went to one and she was told her husband would leave her and divorce her. less than 2 years later that happened and they were happy as far as she was concerned. She hasn't been back since as this freaked her out.

SuzJa year ago

I've been to see mediums - some were clearly scam artists and others left me whilst not exactly believing not dismissing it either. I think there is a tendency to prey on the vulnerable. I'd love to have an experience that left me without doubt.

PhilipMarca year ago

If I wanted to get scammed then I'd just prefer to receive a cold call and then waste the scammer's time. lol

Lynibisa year ago

I don't believe in this sort of thing and I certainly wouldn't want to attend a reading or meeting. I think it can do harm to those who are a little fragile anyway.

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