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Rapper in U.S. Kicks out Fan after He Refuses to Insult Trump

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Saw this earlier and man, I'm at loss for words. People these days are kind of obsessed with politics and attacking anyone they dislike.

I too would refuse to say what he wanted on a matter of being respectful.

You're free to dislike whomever, but at least try to be respectful or appear so.

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees4 months ago

Donald Trump isn't really someone anyone should like, and if someone does like him, my opinion of them lowers significantly...

But, that's no way to treat a fan, or anyone. The fan may not even like Trump, but could have many reasons for not wanting to publicly declare that - family, friends, colleagues or bosses who will be offended, or even Trump himself - the man's a lunatic and might hold a grudge, or so may his followers.

That's certainly a poor way to treat a paying fan - could affect him in many ways the rapper didn't consider or care about.

Original Poster
4 months ago

Precisely. While I don't like Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Merkel or António Costa, I'd still not say what the rapper wanted. But to be fair, rappers and such tend to make heavy use of swearing so for them it's normal.

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