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Real Tree or Artificial ?


mines artificial .. ive never had a real one since growing up and moving out of my parents and getting my own home ... i totally detest real one the smell the annoyance of having to be really careful n not catching the pines as they all end up everywhere .... in ur feet via ur socs and then u walk them upstairs and they end up everywher ... its awful getting up in middle of night and sneaking to the loo bearfooted and then ouch someone brought a pine up in their socks ealier and there it sat waiting ... like a 6 inch nail n suddenly it goes into ur foot and u scream out n start hobbling n wake everyone up .... not a chance artificial for me

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend2 years ago

has it's only me now I will get a small artificial tree. But we all ways had a real Christmas tree. Use to love the smell of the tree. And we had flashing lights.🎄🎄

ACR2 years ago

I think real trees look better and I like the smell. But using a real tree for a few weeks is waste, so for that reason artificial is better as you can keep using it 🦌

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