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Do You Regularly Switch Your Utility Bills


this is so important now to be able to get the best deals possible. there are even companies who do it for you like weflip. how often do you switch

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig5 months ago

We switch every year. We do it for the home insurance, car insurance and gas and electric. We have saved every year for the past 3 years, some years we save more than others but when you add it all up we save a few hundred each year, which then goes towards the overage on our mortgage so it is beneficial for us.

Mango45 months ago

To much hassle, invariably either your old or new supplier messes up the meter readings and the bills, old supplier takes forever to repay you any money you are in credit and the new supplier takes forever to get you direct debit payments and bills on track. If its a big saving fine, worth the effort, but often i find that the savings are not that great anyway.

Just my experience, but never switched any utility or bank account without having to chase things up.

MumOfThree5 months ago

I find it too much hassle to change utilities as the savings are minimal, my car insurance was not cheaper anywhere else surprisingly! My home insurance was way cheaper elsewhere.

ShellyAnn5 months ago

I've changed energy supplier once. since then I can't get it cheaper. I've changed phone/broadband once and whilst it is a lot cheaper EE broadband is not reliable and I'll be looking to change again as I get sick of my broadband cutting out all day long. I did have problems with my new energy supplier who ignored my meter readings and said I owed that £11,000 which I managed to laugh at. I'll try again to change energy suppliers as I do not like them and we got off on a bad foot straight away. I change insurance company every year.

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