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Reporting a Deal - Reasons That Should Be Added ?

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Other deal sites insist that any deal posted (mainly from EBay or Amazon Market place ) have a verified sellers feedback and number of sales of a minimum amount .

We all know of the amount of Amazon Chinese "tat" posted on their market place with totally made up RRPs or "was " prices , often different from the same or perhaps linked sellers most with few or no reviews or feedback.

Obviously this leads to 80% off , 60 % off a totally dreamt up price being all to common on here - sadly deceiving both members and posters ?

I would suggest that Latest Deals add a reporting reason (insufficient sales / feedback / fictitious RRP ) which could then be looked at by the team .

Hopefully this would lead to posters checking the deal for a feasible price (instead of just posting large but unrealistic discounts ) ?

Remember we are all members together and should only be posting "real deals " to help members save money , not those that fool less savvy members into buying a "bargain " that is most certainly not !

If you doubt this is a problem I could posts links to 50 non deals every day with "fantasy " discounts which should be removed .

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
LordUnbox9 months ago

I would like to have a notification if my report was successful and if not, why when I report deals.

Original Poster
9 months ago

I agree , but as LD has a limited team I would think a proposal such as this would enable that team to focus more , rather than having to wade through pages of "non deals"/ deceptive deals that are posted every hour .

They appear obvious to me but judging by some comments on said deals are fooling our less savvy members . We are surely all on here to help each other ?

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