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Returning Items, and Then Getting Banned


I’m not really one to exercise the returns policy, as I usually just keep what I buy - so this guy who has returned 12 TVs in the past 3 years is certainly an eye opener for me

And though I’ve never had issues with John Lewis’ customer service, I imagine they thought about the decision hard before sending the letter to ban him

so beware - even John Lewis has limits!

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
Rockman8 months ago

Not saying he's a sketchy dude but I have an LG TV (LCD 32" 1080p) that I bought around 2011-12 and it's still working perfectly to this very day so I've never bothered to upgrade to 4K or what have you. One must have terrible luck to go through so many TVs in so little time.

I bought a LED TV for my parents last year (they were still using CRT TV) and that too is working smoothly. I can't remember the brand but it was a budget one, though a lot thinner and nicer than my own one.

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