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Today the Royal Family and the line of succession is being discussed again. The suggestion is that Prince Charles should be “leapfrogged” over and that Prince William should become the next king. Don’t know if this could happen or if I agree with it 👸. How would the public take to this ? What do you think ?

8 days ago
What do you think of this?
HappyTravels8 days ago

BlueEyesX no doubt Prince Charles wants to be king as he’s waited for such a long time. However, at 72 yrs old, I reckon he should retire and let Wills and Kate get on with it.



Lynibis8 days ago

I think it is very unfair if Charles misses out due to the Queen's longevity. She is 95 and still 'on the throne' so why should he be deemed too old at 72?

Even if he did 20 years William would only be in his late 50s when he got his turn. I think the Queen has had a good run so I think she should have stepped aside for her son at least 5 years ago, we then wouldn't have this problem. I feel she has been rather selfish.

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