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Sample Sales?


Has anybody ever been to a sample sale? has it been worth it? Have you saved money on items or just ended up having a splurge?

Let me share my experience from this morning! There was a ted baker sample sale in Birmingham and I got there for 8 o clock when it started, the items were heavily discounted purses were £15 and bags ranging up to £45 (depending on size). I was so excited because I thought I’d be able to get some lovely christmas presents for my mum and nan etc. In reality I came out with only 2 handbags! The people were SO rude and were basically fighting over the stock as soon as it was put out on the tables. I’m not sure what I expected but I dont think I would attend again, it really wasn’t worth the stress.

What are other people’s opinions on sample sales?

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
hspexy8 months ago

I unsuspectedly stumbled across one last week and got some high street purses all at £5 each - I only wanted to get a couple but ended up with 6...after putting a few back down. They had loads of bags, shoes (thankfully nothing fit as I would’ve bought them all, as they were of such good quality) and clothes. Also got given some slippers as a freebie, which was a surprise. I hadnt been to a sample sale in a while, and just as well! But great places to get gifts (a bit like a visit to Tk maxx)

AgnesFaludi8 months ago

I would expect from a Ted Baker store that the people are nice and they will serve me with respect, because it counts like a high quality brand.

If you want some good bags...yeah hspexy is right TK MAXX has fab ones. Christmas is coming soon and now the stores get more stock, yeah crazy 5 times a week. You can find some real bargains there and if you can go Monday morning, it is usually quiet there and you can shop comfortably.

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