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Sandwich Fillings

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Children have gone back to school and I need some fresh ideas for sandwich fillings. Please remember that they sit in a lunch bag for a while before eating. I do add a ice block.

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador4 months ago

You mentioning that they sit in a bag for a while reminds me of when my Mum used to make us egg mayonnaise sandwiches for our lunch.

When we opened our lunch boxes it was like someone had set off a gas grenade!

AgnesFaludi4 months ago

Yes...I find it hard to find out what to put in the sandwich, because it can not have peanuts in, so nutella and lots of other spreads and biscuits are banded from the lunchbox.

I put hummus in my daughter`s sandwich lots of the times and some salami....salami not goes bad even in the hot weather.

sarahgreen154 months ago

My mum always gave us cheese and ham, usually with salad...but tuna mayonnaise is a personal favourite of mine, or jam, chocolate spread, hummus, cheese spread, chicken salad if you really want to push the boat out 🤣

BonzoBanana4 months ago

Ham and a bit of salad; lettuce, cucumber, tomato and pinch of pepper were always a favourite of mine preferably with nice wholemeal nutty/malty bread slices.

Could never get into nutella or its low cost alternatives, a very processed taste and looks like dog sh*t. I love sugary foods but ultra sugary foods I can't get on with like those nestle lucky charms that are mainly coloured lumps of sugar. I think the dutch do sugary sandwiches with hundreds of thousands etc and lots of sugary ingredients and those don't appeal at all. For me the best sandwiches are savoury sandwiches.

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