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I know they are struggling for programmes and well done Ant and Dec again but the country is in a desperate place so why dont they put a positive or funny film on.

Too much negative stuff we have really stopped watching as much TV over the last week and have music on instead which lifts you up.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimp2 months ago

Most of the music that I listen to is quite depressing tbh.

Fortunately, we have a pile of stuff recorded from Sky and an absolute load of DVDs that we've never watched.

Tomorrow's film is going to be the new Ken Loach film. It's not going to be happy viewing, but we have to see how a lot of people have to cope in this country.


Mango42 months ago

Saturday night TV wasn't the best I agree with you , we ended up watching Lee Mack's , Not Going Out Christmas special followed by the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason movie ( the newer Bridget Jones Baby on tonight) yet again can't remember what channel , more comedies and feel good films they need to be showing on TV. I know they had Mrs Brown on last night but I no longer enjoy that as it seems so predictable now.

MeestairChrees2 months ago

Watch catchup services and record stuff if you can. Then you doing need to rely on what's showing on TV at that time.

Lynibis2 months ago

I can't stand Saturday night tv, so called light entertainment. I find that, just like food, my palette has become jaded and I struggle to find something worthwhile to watch. I am enjoying Belgravia on Sundays, my favourites are period dramas, action etc. I loved Strike Back, Black Sails, Outlander but I can't find anything to tantalise my tv taste bids at the moment.

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