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Saving a Comp for Later


Would it be possible to put a marker on a comp, perhaps an 'S' where there would usually be a 'tick' when you have saved a comp to let you know at a glance on the page that a particular comp has been saved? At the moment you have to hover over the 3 dots to check if you have saved it or not.

Thanks very much

9 months ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn8 months ago

That would be a great idea! I was doing some comps when it poured down about an hour ago, so I had to stop and go and empty the waterbutt was it was filling and I couldn't remember which cash prize comp I was on. I had to go through them all again.

Original Poster
8 months ago

Another thing that might enhance this feature is : when you go to your saved posts I would be good to see them in expiring date order. Due to moving I am saving some to enter with my new address and I really think this would help me. I feel sure that others could benefit from this too.

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