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Whats your Secret Obsession?


One of mine is to look for holidays several times a day!! I search on the beach then compare it on ice lolly!! I like to dream about being away!.

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis2 months ago

I have racked my brains for an answer to this one but I truly don't believe I have an obsession. Like most people I have a battle with food as I am aware I probably eat too much because again, like most people, I enjoy food. It is such a shame that overindulging means piling on the pounds. It is so easy to eat more than your daily calorie 'allowance' and so hard to avoid temptation or take the weight off again. I hate it when smug skinny people assume you are a pig and eat far more than them when actually it is down to all sorts of factors, genes to name but one!

I also find it hard to put down a good book, but is that an obsession? I love reading and I have accumulated so much knowledge from it as I tend to stick to history and even the fiction is well researched and reflects the history of the time.

Original Poster
2 months ago

I know exactly what you mean about food, the only time Iv ever been the right height for my weight was when I didn't hardly ate and that's not a way to live!! I love reading but don't have time to do it often.

mmokane242 months ago

well it wouldn't be a secret anymore if I revealed it on this chat thread lol. I don't really obsess on anything really, or do I?

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