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Seven Ways to Travel Safer if You Need to Use Public Transport during Lockdown

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Seven ways to travel safer if you need to use public transport during the lockdown

Passengers on public transport are unlikely to be able to practice social distancing safely, the government has admitted.

Publishing guidance for both passengers and operators the Department for Transport warned that “there will be times and some settings on public transport where social distancing is not possible”.

But with the Government calling on those who cannot work from home in certain industries to return to work from tomorrow, it is inevitable that more people will be getting public transport.

So here is the government's advice to make sure you can make any trip you have to take as safe as possible.

* Do not travel if you're unwell or clinically extremely vulnerable

* Check ahead and travel when quieter

* Buy tickets ahead of time

* Try and keep social distance

* Wear a face covering and travel lightly

* Pay attention to the safety instructions around you and follow basic travel ettiquette

* When you get home - wash your hands

21 days ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees21 days ago

It's impossible to social distance on public transport. You'd have to walk past someone on a bus at some point.

tumblespots21 days ago

I can't see any social distancing on public transport - it can't be done unless you only have 6 people on a bus!! How stupid is this government? 🐞

Dennab21 days ago

They could fit those dispensers of alcohol handgel on buses and trains. It's better than nothing although the main risk is the shared air of course. Maybe keep windows open a bit more. The question is - would that extra airflow carry the virus out of the windows or blast it into faces? Science!

SusanEaston32718 days ago

it can be a tricky one however if they dont want us using transport then take it off some ppl have to use it for work others because there carers

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