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How Would You Solve Homelessness?

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I was watching a debate today in parliament regarding homelessness and the minister for the government kept emphasising about how they liase with local authorities to get to grips with local homelessness but another politician pointed out that the expectation of the local councils but these councils have lost billions since 2010 and unless the money is ringfenced by central government then when the money gets to local government they then use those funds in other areas at the expense of people who are sleeping rough or in termporary housing . What would you do to solve homelessness?

20 days ago
What do you think of this?
Mick8220 days ago

I think a lot of homelessness steams from mental health issues, alcohol abuse, drug abuse all of witch really need to be addressed before the problem can get any better a friend of mine admitted to having alcohol addiction he was pretty bad kicked out by wife we tried to get him help was told he had to be sober 2 weeks before alcohol dependsy unit could help him had he not got a group of friends that all helped her would have been on the streets going trough withdrawal god only knows where he would have ended up .

longsweetening20 days ago

The problem is that no single service will take responsibility (or the financial hit) for homelessness. Make all of them responsible.

Funding should come from housing, social care and nhs to combine into single pot. Donations from charity would also be sought. A Bob Geldof type celebrity to bring it into the public eye and shame the government into coughing up.

Fund a single team in each borough/city/town (initially) that consists of housing officer, social worker, advocate, nhs doctor, nhs psychiatrist, volunteer from homeless charity. Get them to have a discussion with every single homeless person who is willing to engage, then work together until that person has a home, benefits, care, and ongoing help to access work or education or day services.

Andy Burnham in Manchester has started a similar thing but it needs formalising.

The irony is that homelessness increases physical and mental illness and uses valuable nhs resources when crisis intervention is needed. Police resources to a lesser extent. Prevention would lessen the impact on both, but it takes half a brain to work that out, and the government seem to be lacking that.

It's incredibly frustrating that first world countries treat their vulnerable groups so poorly.

Sorry, rant over :-)

mrgoggll20 days ago

There's not supposed to be any homeless if the govt. to be believed Image

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