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It's been a while since I checked out the chat section. I have been checking back and fourth for a week now and shocked to see it's flooded with "what's your favourite jam?". It's great to mingle, but maybe keep it to topics we joined the site for? It's not a dating site after all or am I dilussional? πŸ˜•

Perhaps people getting hungry for them Amazon vouchers, presuming chat posts are rewarded with points? Tom Kelsey

11 months ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi11 months ago

There are some interesting one...like lottery wins....will u tell if u won the big prize here?

I think some of the topics are annoying, not what I like, but the one what happened when I was born....is that matter. I was a baby...

Than what is your favorite board game....ughh board game? I bet all of them old, if need to choose than chess, but maybe should ask for fav PC game, bit more current, up to date.

I think you can not get a lot of points for chatting, there is a limit and most of the time, if u share the deal and someone ask a question and u answer it, you get points.

mso11 months ago

It's all due to the point unfortunately. Creating a chat topic gives you 20 points and you allowed to add 2 topics a day. You are also getting points for comments. The maximum is 5 longer comments which equals 20 points for each. In total that's extra 140 points every day so I suppose this adds up quickly and Amazon voucher here I come πŸ˜‚It can get tricky if you want to find a helpful chats but I don't blame people for doing that ☺️

Lynibis11 months ago

You can only do 5 comments over whole site so I have usually used mine on comp comments thanking people properly for their contribution. Tbh I find it a bit time consuming keep going to notifications to read a list of 20 thanks. They don't get points for saying it and I guess it's just being polite, but I take it as said they are grateful and would much sooner read a longer, funny, interesting comment for which they get points, or even like my comment as three likes gets you more points. Lots of people do 2 topics and their 5 comments per day, 140 points per day is nearly 5k per month. I would imagine that if the site founders did not want us earning those points they wouldn't have structured the site that way. If this poster does not like the threads (not you Marlena) it is not obligatory to read them or comment. I live alone and get bored so often write on here as I refuse to do social media, it is too spiteful and judgemental. Sorry for going on!

SandyRhodes11 months ago

I like to comment on some of the posts it's just a bit of fun & I just don't click on or answer the ones that I'm not interested in. I've never actually thought about the points for starting posts and would be surprised if that was why people posted threads just for the points, I think it is for fun & to be light hearted πŸ™‚

MrsCraig11 months ago

I just ignore the ones that don't interest me. I don't mind seeing these threads tbh, I just scroll past them. There is a limit to the amount of points you can get from posting a thread so I don't think it has to do with that.

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