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Should the Speed Limit Be 20mph?

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Do you have cars racing down your street?

Glasgow is knocking the speed limit down from 30mph to 20mph to help reduced speeding and accidents.

Source: www.autoexpress.co.uk/consumer-news/363054/more-20mph-speed-limits-glasgow-despite-uk-governments-plan-drivers#:~:text=%E2%80%9CA%20citywide%2020mph%20speed%20limit,the%20severity%20of%20injuries%20sustained%E2%80%9D.

3 weeks ago
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Many minor roads now are 20mph. I guess we are talking about making currently 30mph urban minor roads 20mph as well and to be honest I think it needs to be done on a case by case basis. Where I live the slightly more main road my road connects to now has a tiny 20mph sign and I don't really think any cars take notice of it. I can see many cars doing an easy 40mph as its quite a wide road. I forget its 20mph myself. It's not close to school or anything like that. I was surprised when it got the 20mph sign. I don't think it needed to be 20mph and it has not slowed down traffic as far as I can tell. There is a cost of course to changing 30mph roads to 20mph with a huge amount of new signs and road painting and I feel it would be completely wasted money with much higher priorities for spending. We are still borrowing money so it would just add further to our debt and the reduction in other public services over time. Not only do we need to get back to balancing the books but we need to have a fiscal surplus so we can start paying back our debts. We can't just go on spending money we haven't got and I really can't see this as a necessary priority for spending.



20 MPH is just too slow, let's convert that into Kilometers so people have a better idea if they're not used to Miles: It's 32KMH

So at the very least, it should be 30 MPH = 50 KMH, the minimum, unless it's residential/school zone then drivers do need to logically drive slower and carefully not to harm anyone. That's just what any good driver should do.

Also, I've seen 20 MPH signs around, but I'm sure drivers were going faster than that speed limit, especially those annoyingly loud cars due to their mufflers (I guess the drivers think it's cool to be obnoxious).


Well, it hasn't worked as well as expected in Wales as they are currently considering putting it back to 30mph so why would anywhere else go ahead and implement it after that?



I think 20mph is not feasible unless near schools or residential areas where it’s just sensible plus it’s rare you can go faster speed than that unless it’s school holidays or kids aren’t heading to and from school at that time. I live in residential area where there are lots of kids, it’s basically a large square with only 1 entrance to it. I’m forever giving out to my son when he visits as I think he drives too fast in the area. There’s park in middle of square and kids are constantly playing football or other games in the street (I love to see them out) but it’s their street also and 99% of vehicles coming in and out know and respect that. My son says they shouldn’t be playing in the rd but I remind him he did same growing up and if he was to hit 1 of those kids it will be something he’ll have to live with for rest of his life


We've some roads at a permanent 20mph yeah it's awful. Not good for the cars or environment as traffic just builds. When it's time for school drop off and pick ups 20mph is just sensible but other then that nope. When going into housing estates 20mph but we've main roads that are 20mph. I won't drive around our main town as its 20mph and you spend more time sat in traffic so I avoid it. We've roads that are 15mph. To be honest people often ignore the 15mph and 20mph. Though for some you can't because its narrow and you have to be good at reversing which a lot can't do or refuse to put their cars into the opening of fields because they don't want tk get their cars dirty


20mph doesn't work here in Wales and that's why the government is going to change it back.

Outside schools, yes, but everywhere else is a nonsense and just p*sses everyone off. Bad for cars and bad for the environment. And the morons just ignore it anyway because there's no-one to police it


TheChimp plus the idiots that pass you in a 20mph zone as you and others follow the rules. I agree outside schools, hospitals and some built up areas. Plus following sine who decides to do 20mph in places where it’s 30 or even 40 as they are unsure due to the stupid way they says about built up areas with certain amount of street lights.


It is 20mph outside schools here and in residential areas, which I completely understand but wouldn't work on the roads around town.

We still get cars driving too fast down our street. There is one school on the main road where it is 20mph and hardly anyone actually slows down.


We have had to tolerate it in Wales since last September and it's pretty much ignored in most places . Modern cars don't like plodding in 2nd gear around the streets, it causes delays and frustrates drivers , does nothing for the environment and as all the traffic is plodding in a line one behind another it creates fewer gaps making it more difficult for other traffic to join the road or for pedestrians to cross the road. Accidents are still happening on a regular basis.

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