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hi looking for some inspiration, what gifts do you like getting for stocking fillers say up to around £10? i am looking to finish my christmas shopping and i know it depends on the person but just generally well received gifts, for example are mugs and chocs rubbish or wine etc? TIA

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig7 months ago

My mum always used to buy me fancy stationery for my stocking as I love good stationery. I always appreciate a good mug. My bil buys me small bottles of perfume from Zara or next or small yankee candles. If you know they enjoy a certain author or genre then a book is always a good idea.

sarahgreen157 months ago

Depends on gender and age too but I would say little bits of make up, toiletries like lip balm, hand cream, shower gel, body spray, bath bombs... pens, keyrings, chocolates, car air freshener, notebook, cd, dvd, books, colouring book...

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