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How to Stop Social Media Addiction

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During the lockdown my kids have slowly fallen into getting more and more screen time. While I dont blame them since lockdown was stressful enough, I realised that from just 30 minutes a day theyve been on their devices for more than 3 hours a day. And although its not as bad as it seems, im scared for the addiction it may cause later.

a week ago
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Pppathomea week ago

I'm 47 year old and always on my phone and it does my head in so this will be by the next big thing addiction to gadgets.

Lynibisa week ago

It always surprises me when parents say things like this. You are the adult, you are the boss and you make the rules.

Have a family talk and decide on an agreed amount of time (not before bed), maybe an hour when homework is done. Set a timer if necessary. Ban any gadgets, including your own phone, from the dinner table.

With holidays coming up take them out on nature rambles on fine days with a back pack containing refreshments, a note book and a specimen box and book to identify trees, insects, birds etc.

On wet days encourage board games, quizzes and cooking, a family movie.

People did manage before all these gadgets.

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