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Some Syrian Refugees No Longer Welcome in Denmark

In the News

Authorities in Copenhagen argue that parts of Syria are now safe enough for refugees to return.

Denmark asylum: The Syrian refugees no longer welcome to stay https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57156835

a month ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBananaa month ago

Sounds fair enough to be honest. There will always be richer and poorer countries and its just not feasible to have huge numbers of people migrating. Especially when culturally they are very different and struggle to fit in. As ever its a debate where the realistic argue with the idealistic.

chelseaturpina month ago

France will be next as they hate anything and anyone not offically classed as French, France are also very right wing.

BonzoBananaa month ago

Immigration was a very important part of the Brexit vote for many and many Labour heartlands voted for Brexit. I don't think immigration concerns is necessarily left or right wing politics. The population density in the UK is already too high, many left wing people are concerned about the environment and over-population. Danish politics are centre-left with good approval ratings and very low levels of corruption.

Immigration is such a difficult subject to discuss though and very polarising.

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