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It Takes Two to Tango

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I have treated this whole thing with common sense mainly but intrigued by the latest update from old Mr bumble bumble. What do you reckon? From what they are saying:

✅ Sue visits her mum

✅ Dave visits his dad

❌ Dave visits his mum AND dad

❌ Sue visits her mum AND dad

❌ Dave and Sue visit Sue's mum together

❌ Dave and Sue visit Dave's dad together

What if Dave visits his dad, drives round the block and then his mum comes out for a chat instead with his dad inside? That sounds fine to me because I think ultimately, they are trying to prevent this virus spreading quickly and if only one person can visit one person at once, that is a lot better than one person visiting five people.

I'm just going to continue avoiding everybody. It seems to be the easiest option.

25 days ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend25 days ago

Hi dennab I live in Scotland and nothing has change hear. Because i have lupus I can't mix with any one. And I've been in lock down now for 9 weeks. But I am lucky because I live on a farm. So i can get out has much has I want. There are no people around wear I live. There nears people from me are 5 miles. So i very lucky to live wear I do. I 've seen no one for now weeks. 🤗

Original Poster
25 days ago

Amazing. I'm jealous!

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