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Tesco to Ditch Plastic-Wrap for Multipack Tins

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definitely a good move, as it’s certainly pointless to have the extra plastic packaging over tins, creating more unnecessary waste

lets hope the other retailers follow suit

a year ago
What do you think of this?
ACRa year ago

Yes probably for the best... but, I quite like multipacks I find they are good for storing items at home. Hopefully in the not too distant future material scientists will come up with an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Tesco does seem to be trying out some new practices. The other day I noticed the Fuel 10K High Protein Porridge pots had a discounted price that was only available to Clubcard members.

Username50108a year ago

There are tons of environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic already out there but they cost slightly more. There is a company in the Midlands that produces 'plastic' from a tree that sheds its bark, it's a waste product creating it and it can be used as compost afterwards, it costs 3p extra per square metre and yet they can't get the bigger companies to buy it as they think it is too expensive. That's just one example, there are loads of others but companies aren't as committed as they make out when it comes to the reduction of plastic. It's not just obvious plastics either, teabags for instance all have plastic in the holder/bag and how many people will put used teabags in compost?

Anything that comes in on pallets to supermarkets have a ridiculous amount of plastic on, a 4 pack of beans for instance, each pack of 4 will have plastic encasing it, then there will be plastic around a tray of 4 of 4 tins, then plastic around the stack and then plastic around the pallet. Unless the supermarkets can get their supply chain to ditch plastic, we are a long way off eradicating it

Mango4a year ago

Good move, not sure when they actually started wrapping these multi packs fully in plastic or why > I remember the days where they just used to be held together with plastic rings on the neck of the cans. Still plastic I know but a lot less plastic than wrapping them completely


MartinBlucka year ago

I think it's a great idea, hopefully other retailers will do the same.

sunny101a year ago

I'm definitely in favour of an alternative. There's been a lot of substitution with bamboo on packaging so it will be interesting to see how multi-packs will be tackled. I live by the coast so a return to the bird and sea life choker-rings would be a disaster.

MeestairChreesa year ago

Yep, it's a good move. But they should just automatically offer a discount for multi-buys instead.

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