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Tesco Scraps Cash Payments for Its Scan as You Shop Service

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Tesco scraps cash payments for its ‘scan as you shop’ service, and shoppers are fuming

I have a theory on this.

If you pay by cash, they can't control who is using their Scan as you Shop and thus, if they see you not doing it right, there is no come back.

If you use a card they have your details if you filch (nick) something.

So they are getting rid of cash payments which allows the shopper to be anonymous.

Could that be right?


1 year ago
What do you think of this?
Mango41 year ago

This is not as the headline suggests thou.

In larger stores where they have dedicated Self Scan checkout areas these will be card payment only .

However for anyone who wishes to still pay via cash, you are able to go to a normal checkout and the checkout operator can process your self Scan transaction there and you can still pay by cash if you wish.

Also in smaller store such as my local where we already use the Self Service tills to checkout Scan as you Shop there will be no change, so you can again pay by cash if you wish.

With regards to your Theory Tesco always have your details because without a registered Clubcard you can't use scan as you Shop.

Original Poster
1 year ago

Good point...

KirstyW1 year ago

That's a good point, hadnt thought of that. I know we are becoming cashless but why the rush.

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