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To Travel or to Not Travel?

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Hey. So Im thinking about going to Singapore but I dont know if it is safe there. Maybe you have some suggestions? Or maybe I should go somewhere else? Im kinda scary because of the corona virus... but idk, what do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

a year ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibisa year ago

Tbh I wouldn't be travelling anywhere abroad until I knew how this thing was going to pan out. Take a holiday in UK. I am going to Scotland at Easter and Cheshire in August.....can't wait.

AgnesFaludia year ago

I think the Chinese government hold back info about the virus. I do not think so otherwise they would bring up 2 hospitals just for this in days time.

I think better to not travel to the East side of Asia......and just check the effected countries....Do not forget people who traveled to China are in quarantine

blacklabradora year ago

I think it depends when you are planning on travelling.

If it's in the next few weeks I'd probably say no, but if you're not planning on going until the summer I'm guessing it will have sorted itself out by then.

Make sure you get decent travel Insurance with a good cancellation policy though, just in case.

BonzoBananaa year ago

There is a risk especially when you are on the plane sharing a small space with someone who may be infected. Lots of people travel between Singapore and mainland China. At the moment I haven't really got my head around how bad this Corona virus strain will be. By travelling you may also be risking perhaps small children or elderly relatives when you return who are more likely to die as a result of this strain.

You can let others battle the virus, those vulnerable to it will die, those who develop resistance to it and whose body learns to attack the virus will stop it spreading. Think of it as an army of sacrificial soldiers who will fight the virus for you and ultimately stop it and then you can travel safely again. At the moment its pretty much a battlefield on a microscopic level.

It's like those parents who won't allow their children to be immunised against various diseases etc because they are worried about the safety of those injections so their children benefit from immunised children around them who prevent the viruses getting to their child without their own child having any risk from the injection itself. Play the waiting game and the virus will likely be reduced to very low numbers in these countries but at the moment people still need to fight the virus before this will happen. It seems to be spreading fast so it doesn't seem an easy virus for the body to fight.

PhilipMarca year ago

Not. The virus has gotten to Singapore.

sunny101a year ago

I think it has affected my decision to travel in the near future. This sad situation has to be halted and quarantined before any of us will feel safe to travel. I read that there were a couple of tourists on a cruise showing symptoms. Can you imagine how you'd feel, stuck on a vessel with no escape and hugely shared facilities?

eyeballkerrya year ago

Agree with others, all my holiday plans have been put on hold at the moment. Do you really want to risk sitting near people in a confined space. Holidays are great but my health is more important.

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