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So my Christmas tree is coming to the end of its life and I've been bulking up it's poor threadbare branches for year and years with feather boas and tinsel (it's a black tree).

I've decided to leave him rest in his retirement this year but my 22 year old daughter is having none of it.....what would you do?

Are you the same as me and sick of spending hours putting up the tree, secretly counting down the days when you can get that tiny space back or do you adore this time of year when you can show off your creative side ?

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig6 months ago

My tree is a tiny fibre optic tree that fits on our coffee table. That is our tree. We have agreed that when our son gets old enough to appreciate Christmas, then we will get a proper tree and he can help decorate it. My mum has already said we can have some of her decorations as she doesn't use them anymore. She will put them up this year for our son but she has so many she can give us half and still have enough for her house!

I think Christmas is more magical when you are young, I can't wait to decorate the tree with our son.

If your daughter wants a tree, tell her it is her responsibility. She is 22, more than old enough to do a tree herself.

sarahgreen156 months ago

I love a Christmas tree, the only year I didnt bother was when we were moving house and had half our belongings in one house and the rest in the other and we weren’t spending christmas Day at home anyway... but I don’t think it’s Christmas without the tree ☹️

Pjran6 months ago

Buy a new one and gift your old one to a charity group. Let your daughter put it up and decorate it, she’ll get lots of pleasure and thank you for buying a replacement.

angemski6 months ago

If your daughter lives at home then give her the responsibility of sorting the tree AND putting it away. Personally, I love decorating the tree once the lights have been put on. Over the years I've changed the colours many time and have been known to spray my baubles with car paint when I can't get the right shade....... therapy booked. 😜

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