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Two Cars with the Same Number Plate


Walking to school this morning there was two luxury cars parked one behind the other, both with exactly the same custom number plate.

is that legal?

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Rockman7 months ago

If it was in US, it'd be possible for two vehicles to have the same number plates due to states but otherwise, it's not legal.

Those luxury car owners know no one would dare to report them to the cops.

ACR7 months ago

It may have been wealthy owners bringing their cars from abroad if they are visiting for a while. I found this article explaining the process - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2725175/First-cargo-watch-car-Arab-playboys-super-wheels-streets-London-never-mind-trifling-20-000-fly-vehicles-back.html

BW077 months ago

Slap it into 'ask mid' or the tax side of gov.uk

Will tell you straight away if genuine or more likely an advertising stunt. Or dealers of the highest powder profession

AlexS7 months ago

could have been fake numbers or it could be that the custom number plates might have looked the same to the eye but had a difference in numbers or letters

davidstockport7 months ago

Some numbers can be made to look "almost" identical even though they're not... an example: someone called DAVIS - might have DAV1S or DAV15.

A 5 on a number plate can easily be made to look more like an S than in that example.

Johnny7 months ago


Walking to school this morning there was two luxury cars parked one behind the other, both with exactly the same custom number plate.

is that legal?

The exact same question (and exact same words) was posted on HUKD in 2015 Image

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