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Using Certain Things for Different Usual reasons...

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After hours of research online, I found out, mothballs are one of the best things to keep mouses & rats & certain insects from entering you home! Like flies, ants, spiders... You can even place it outside it is not dangerous but it has to be RIGHT next to your house.

I live in a long building the last 5/6years about more then 1month ago, there where notes telling everyone to be careful & to put the rubblish & trash correcting in the bin area because mouses had entered in.

Treiffed of mouses & I live alone, I sat there thinking what would stop it actually entering my home? I don't want it coming in!, I made sure everything was, tidy & clean & made sure I can see EVERYWHERE, incase I needed help.

Mouses hate the smell of aroma, specially lavender & peppermint ... So I had some, but that will only last afew days,looking for something to block the forth door as there is a tiny gap at the bottom it can get through.

I block it with an old long rag but I know a mouse can still press through

I put a small moth ball under my forth door mat, & one inside near my door way, at the corner after the lavender smell started to ease off twice.

Few neighbours complained that they had mouses in their home even number 2, this is the 2nd reason why I was freaking out, I am flat number 1, am the closet to the bin area!

I have a door blocker now, but I will keep using the lavender oil for next few weeks.

Cloves can be used as a mothball & I put 2/3 under my mat instead of the mot ball , so it doesn't came near.

Cinnamon powder sprinkled near your home, they hate the smell of spice.

For last 2years there have been alot of ants at my back door to the patio, I used salt, they would come & go & I had to keep repeating it.

Since I use cinnamon powder, I hardly see any now & they have stayed away for 4weeks without returning.

Don't like the idea of poison because a mouse could get into your wall/hole & die there.

It's no good if your scared you can't pick up a dead mouse.

3 of my neighbours already knew about mothballs & cinnamon & they've had no problems.

In life you always learn something new, it maybe strange but can be good thing.

13 days ago
What do you think of this?
Nadiaparveen12 days ago

Great 👍👍

I sometimes use baking soda whilst boiling eggs to help the egg shells come off easily.

Original Poster
12 days ago

Yeah, I've heared of that, as well but never tried it before...

hspexy11 days ago

Mens freshly cut hair laid out in the corners of the garden to keep foxes at bay...my cousin told me this works, with any hair (her partner is bald...)

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