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Vitamins- worth It?

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does anyone notice a difference taking vitamins or supplements or are they a waste of money- seems to be a turn in the tide in terms of some research but a huge push in promotion and sales- thoughts?

12 months ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi12 months ago

I think it worth it. Since I have vitamins I am not sick.

I use seven seas ones and they are really good, but needed to try so many different one, than I found the one which not makes me sick.

Supplements can also help, but depends which one u want to use...same like vitamins u will need to try different brands.

annacat12 months ago

I read something recently - an online article I can't remember the name of 🙈 that was saying anything other than a multi vitamin is a waste of money or can even do more damage than good unless you know you're deficient in something. I personally seem to get less sick if I take vitamins but perhaps I'm imagining it. I got a free bottle of omega 3 cod liver oil tablets with this site a while ago so have been taking them and a multivitamin and have recently bought some hair, skin and nail health vitamins on a 3 for 2 but am now scared to take them all at the same time in case I've overdosing on certain vitamins... help!

hspexy12 months ago

I dont bother. I was given them as a kid, but i didnt enjoy them unless they tasted good. Id rather absorb the vitamins through my diet than something manufactured

sarahgreen1512 months ago

I saw on a documentary once, tests before and after taking supplements in healthy young people - in people who have a balanced diet and no deficiencies, there was no difference and it was a complete waste of money.. if you are deficient in something, they are obviously necessary.. having said that, I give my older dog cod liver oil for her joints and it makes a HUGE difference to her...

Letgetfreestuff12 months ago

The best that have actually helped me was Gingko Biloba which helps to improve cognitive performance. I have seen a change in the way I concentrate more and I have a better memory than I used to. I have taken this vitamin for 5 years now.

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