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Do You Want to Be Famous?

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there is nothing at all about being famous that appeals to me. it sounds like a nightmare. who wants to be followed around by photographers

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
nicoledbradburn2 years ago

I did when I was about 12-16 when I was in high school.

As I grow up it wasn't that cool to me anymore.

It's just I am very personal person, and private person

I would go crazy with people flowing me, and minding all my business.

I don't want a house too big, just prefer simple stuff.

I don't want someone driving me everywhere I go, at times you want to be alone.

I don't mind at times going on a bus, or train...

Guess am use to it and it doesn't borther me

only when they are full with people it's annoying.

Sometimes you want a little walk down the road or in a park or you want to get a drink in the cafe, on your own or a friend.

I don't want people watching me during that time.

Also it seems when people are famous they forget about their non famous friends.

I would never allow that to happen.

I came from bottom and if I've go much higher, we'll I know where I've come from and I will still be friends with non-famous friends.

I don't mind being abit rich one day but wouldn't want to be very rich & famous at same time.

I like my life simple, and private ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Lynibis2 years ago

I would love to be remembered after I died for something like a good book, discovery, screenplay, award or something but I would not want fame that hounded me and I couldn't go anywhere without being recognised.

Original Poster
2 years ago

thanks for all your contributions. I have never wanted to be famous myself. sounds like a total nightmare

G05012 years ago

Nope I really don't! I'm a private person, hate people looking at me or talking about me.

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