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What's Best Free Sample You've Ever Got and Where From?

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I've only ever had free samples of amazon prime

Coca cola energy drink, non achoholic gin, spray refillable etc

Where's yours from? And what did you get?

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
sarahgreen155 months ago

I got a free 50ml bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume - Daisy Love which was from a review website called BzzAgent but they started doing renovations to their website and I’ve not been back on it since...

angemski5 months ago

I am in the same situation - had an account and password and then Bzzagent went very quiet. They eventually re-emerged at Triyit and I'm on the waiting list, on the outside, looking in. Missed opportunity 😔

Letgetfreestuff5 months ago

My favourite samples are from SoPost but they don't want there stuff to be posted on here so it is harder to order free sample from them now. I got a YSL and Mac foundation from them. I also got an Andrex washlets, a long sticks perfumed (forgot what it's called) and 3 skincare samples from an American company that I don't know how I got as I did not apply for it. I also got a fruit roll-up from yo-yo. Lots of great freebies!

loveglitches5 months ago

tonnie box with starter kit and philips items for testing , now waiting for speed mop from supersavvy 🙂

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