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what is you best freebie you have had this month is it something that you really wanted/needed?

mine it been accepted for a product review that i entered and been accepted i got a box of 8 bepanthen creams and 7 £1 off coupons that i am really happy with

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
Letgetfreestuff12 months ago

You have gotten really good freebies! I am glad you got those!!!

Sorry no one has answered your question yet but soon people will probably start to after some time passes by. It might have been that this question has been already answered by someone else and people don't want to write the same replies.

Back to your question; my favourite freebies that I have received this month were 5 separate and from different companies of woman's sanitary products (sanitary pads) and there were 1 or 2 vouchers of either £1 or 50p off next purchase inside some packs. I definitely need these freebies and will use the vouchers before expiration dates. Companies that I received sanitary pads were; Lil Lets, Tena, Bodyform, iD and Depends. Each sample pack had 1 sample from each of their products which is great as it helps me know which one is the best one and the one I should purchase next time. This means I had received between 3-6 pieces of pads per sample pack. So highly recommend you sign up for these if you need these!

I have also signed up to some panels and if you are looking for which ones to sign up to there is a chat for that as well. Just write the word 'penel' into the search bar in the chat category. I have not received anything from the panels that I have signed up to except for skinChemists but paid £5 for the product and £5.99 for delivery (each product trial costs this same fee) but was worth it as the cream's original price was £110 and the cream is really good!

Hope I answered your question 🙂

Original Poster
12 months ago

Letgetfreestuff thanks for your reply i will sure have a look into the panel section than you for than 🙂

sunny10112 months ago

Well done! I'm afraid it's been a very quiet month for me - I have no idea what I've done to offend the postie but I've had only a couple of standard freebies, although I applied for and should have received quite a few. 🤣 I certainly made up for it with the great deals and glitches here - the best being a free gym roller which has been great for a relative with a bad back. It is true that there has been a topic running for competitions and freebie wins so perhaps you might miss out on others commenting.

eyeballkerry12 months ago

The freebies are out there it’s just a matter of hunting. I’ve had free holidays, loads of free cat and dog food, nappies, variety of creams and lotions, hair dye, dry shampoo, shower gel, tea bags, biscuits, yogurts, the list goes on.

loopyjade0612 months ago

free face masks , free cake on my birthday, a tray of krispie kreme £2 which was so worth it

KirsteyJames12 months ago

I havent had any freebies this month although ive had a few emails with different free treats for my birthday which i will have to collect.🙊

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