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What's the Best Sim Only Plan (Recommend by U Plz)

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I have no luck (except bad luck ) with phones (mind out of the gutter please 😂)friends would say 'with most things in life!!

I'm refusing to go to a contract as my old ,very battered and shattered screened samsung, meets my needs!!! Out of gutter!!!!

I told my children that i was gonna just buy a refurbished phone, as I can't justify the outlay, especially as I have M.S!!!

I live in Northern Ireland but rural area. Kids have all changed networks but none can recommend a good coverage.

I've been given a Nokia Lumia 535 (2015 I think!!!) I am aware it doesn't have 4G but surely if I'm using it over WiFi , I can still download things? (or not 😅! !! you can tell I'm soo tech savvy !! any input appreciated )

1 highly confused person here and that's without my medicinal glass of wine!!!

HELP please. 😀

12 days ago
What do you think of this?
Ann198411 days ago

Best first to do is go on each site that allows you to check signal then best site I been on for sim only is mobile direct and uswitch

jmsonl10 days ago

It really depends on how you use your mobile phone. I make very few calls and have wifi access at home and work. I drive to work so don't use a lot when travelling. So as a low volume user I find Three PAYG works best for me 3p min / 2p text / 1p MB. I end up topping up a tenner every couple of months.

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