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Whats the Best Thing about Ur Partner


Well ive been with jojo for 9yrs nearly we met n 3 month later i got diagnosed with agressive throat cancer but jo stayed by my side and helped me overcome my fight . We got married in 2013. Her best quality is she caring kind and loves me for being me .. which is hard at times coz im a div lol ... love u jojo xx

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
kitty16 months ago

Aw bless that's so sweet, here's to you both and may your love together last forever.

jojowane676 months ago

Aww I've only just seen this bless him x thank u Tina. Xx

MrsCraig6 months ago

Aww what a lovely post!

My husband is my absolute rock and I wouldn't have gotten through my pregnancy or the last 11 weeks without him. He is supportive, kind, caring and a wonderful father.

I wish you and jojo many more happy and loving years together

Pjran6 months ago

Oh that made me cry. I hope your cancer is remission and you’re getting all the medical help you need.

nicolajaynehend6 months ago

Hi Darren that so nice what you wrote about jojo. 9 years ago i was with some one. And it turn out bad for me and it put me right of man. Because my dad did not have long left I wanted him to move back with me. Which he did. We had to go back and hand in the keys. And there was this lovely man. And you guess it we fell in love. Tommorw it been 8 month.we have been to getter. He dos not live near me. There is a 6 hour and 26 mins drive. From me to his place which is not far. He comes over when he can. He has brought me happiness and trust again in man. He has his own business. That's why I don't see much of him. We phone every day. Jojo know about him. And my dad past away in October last year. And my partner was my rock. He helped me. So I meet my partner through my dad. So who knows what will come next. 😎😎

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