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Why Did I Get A Notification When There Was No Need?

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I posted a comp probably around 12 then realised shortly afterwards that it had been posted already so I expired it, job done, so why did I get this notification around 10 oclock tonight when there was no need, I cancelled it virtually straight away so if someone had reported it surely it wouldn't have taken this long, posts I reported myself today didn't take this long to sort and anyway, I'd expired it so wouldn't that would have been seen so why bother sending me a pointless notification??

Thank you for your competition - Win 1 Of 300 Limited Editions Reusable Sandwich Wraps. Unfortunately, it looks like you were pipped to the post this time as someone had already shared it. To avoid duplicates, we work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Alternatively, it may be because it was not unique. If you find something that has multiple colours, flavours or varieties - but all under the same offer - please only post it once. You can combine all the various options under the same post. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're looking forward to your next post!

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1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis1 month ago

Hi Jo, as you will see on another topic by Golfforall I lost 100 points just before midnight on a deal I posted ages ago, the supposed one that pipped me to the post was posted 6 days ago but of course I now can't check mine as it has been deleted!

Wish I had the opportunity to post another deal to recoup the points.

Original Poster
1 month ago

LynibisI've lost loads of points , late at night lately too Lyn, I think it's very unfair that we have no chance of making the points back, I think I lost 100 points one day then 50 points the next then a couple of 10s, if LDs is so hot on some things why is this system outdated, surely if I put in a link of a duplicate deal then the system should be good enough to pick that link up, regularly, not just sometimes, it's not fair on the members but that wasn't the point I was making, if I had expired this deal myself earlier in the day why was I sent a notification at 10 oclock at night, it's a waste of time, it's extremely annoying and if I had seen something like it on TV I would have used the word 'jobsworth' 😉 x

Imnotcheap1 month ago

I thought about posting that after I entered but was too busy yesterday glad I didn't now

1 month ago

Hi JoTarpley 🙂

If you have a specific question about a moderation decision please do drop us a message via the contact form rather than creating a chat topic. It means we can help with your specific issue and reduces the chance of it being missed 👍

As a quick explanation - if a duplicate report comes in and it's correct but the duplicate is already expired we'll still remove it from the site. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • Some compers have show expired posts enabled and it can be confusing or misleading if there are two posts for the same competition when people are checking over their entries etc.
  • Expiring a post doesn't remove the points awarded for a post. I'm not for one second implying you were doing this but unfortunately some sneaky members will share a duplicate intentionally and then immediately expire their post in order to try and cheat the system and get points. Therefore we have a rule that applies to everyone that duplicate posts are still removed even if they're expired.

Re: automatic detection of duplicates the system does pick up the vast majority automatically. Unfortunately there are some instances where what is obvious to a human isn't so obvious to a computer. e.g. If someone shares a competition link to a company's blog which is advertising their competition on twitter whilst someone else skips a step and shares the twitter link directly instead. There's no easy way we can automatically detect that these two posts are for the same competition.

If you're curious about why a specific duplicate didn't get flagged please do send me a message and I can investigate and either explain or perhaps find a way to improve the system to detect it next time.

I hope that makes sense and provides some additional context 🙂 I'm going to close this topic now as it's a personal support request.

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