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Why Do People Report Posts as Expired When They Havent

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this really annoys me, anyone else have this happen as its not the first time i just dont see the point

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
zerocenturyzero2 years ago

That has happened to me many times when I share deals, freebies, competitions and vouchers they get reported expired often when they are not. I think it is just a troll looking to gain extra points and cause issues.

GlitchHunter2 years ago

Sometimes when a person can't get the deal they report it as expired maybe? Some deals work for some people and some don't. Or if the link doesn't work when they click on it.

hspexy2 years ago

It happens all the time, and though I’m sure the moderators check (whether it be the live, human volunteer moderators or the ‘robot’ moderators), they don’t always get it right. I’ve had numerous things expired incorrectly, or put in the moderation queue. At least with the former you can unexpire yourself (which is annoying, but you can control). The latter is most frustrating, because the post just disappears, so you can verify it properly, so you will need to contact the LD team to check it. They’re good at getting back to you, so you can report anything you feel is not correct

Johnny2 years ago

I think there could be a variey of reasons:

  • Latest Deals is a community forum and relies on its members to flag posts as expired.
  • When a post is reported as expired, it is checked by a volunteer mentor. Sometimes mistakes are made.
  • LD also uses automated systems which predict the likelihood of a deal being expired. Sometimes the computers get it wrong.
  • LD is used by hundred of thousands of people and some will be new every day. Some newbies will inevitably click on buttons just to experiment and see what they do. Unfortunately when someone clicks on the ‘Expired?’ button they can’t undo that action – it’s too late!
  • And then some people are just idiots.
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