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Why the Word 'Caucasian' is Wrong to Describe Whites and Needs to Be Written Off


I know, this is a sensitive topic so some might feel uncomfortable with it. Disregard it if you don't want to read it.

Basically, the word Caucasian is based off from the Caucasus area thus, it doesn't really apply to Whites. However, the correct term is European (as it is in the DNA of Whites). Still, for some odd reason in America and Canada they use "Caucasian" to inform the race of the person which to me never made sense.

Here's a 4min video if you have four mins to waste:

Some other stuff:

  • Blacks are Africans
  • Hispanics derive from European, African, Asian and/or Native Indian heritage so Hispanic isn't a race.
  • Japanese consider themselves to be a race of their own rather than to be known as just part of Asian ancestry.
  • Native Indians are the original citizens from the Americas though then came Europeans to Brazil (Portuguese), America (English/Spanish), Canada (English/French), Mexico (Spanish), and etc.
  • Jews may appear to look European to some people, because they have light-skin but in actuality they aren't. Although, a good portion of them carry what's called "European-Jewish" DNA blood from the Eastern-Europe region.

This all now kind of brings me to my point, people can't just decide one day to "identify" as a different (* exceptions) gender, race or what have you as they already have their own settled from birth. But sexuality? Understandable. And trans? That's a medical condition called "gender dysphoria", also known as; A person is born as a male/female and then decides to change to female/male because they decided to.

Someone being trans-gendered is perfectly comprehensive but trans-racial is illogical, you can't actually change your own DNA that runs in your veins (Rachel Dolezal is the best example that comes to mind).

Overall, here's a picture of people as per their own races:


Hopefully, this doesn't offend anyone as that isn't really the intention and I tried to be as level-headed as possible.

P.S. I'm not part of the "Far-Right" or the "Alt-Right" both of those movements make me laugh.

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
hspexy8 months ago

This reminds me of the time I was having a discussion with a woman at work who is Chilean and I stated that she looked European, and she seemed to take offence to that, even though she admittted to someone else that she has Italian and Spanish ancestry, which again was evident to her ‘european’ features. Not entirely sure why people are so touchy about such issues, but I come from a perspective where race and ethnicity isn’t a big deal

garygemmell8 months ago

Cracker , Honky, babeco, blanquito, pote ‘e leche, pantruca, gaijin, blan, gweilo, barang, farang, gringo, frenk, kano, anglo, 8 mile , abe lincoln, beach n****r, betty crocker, bird t**d

There are actually more slang names for a white person than any other race - bet you didnt know that!

Me I am fine with all of them - a word doesn't matter to me.


AgnesFaludi7 months ago

DNA is a bit more complicated and we are all mixed raced....

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