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do you guys clean or pay to have your windows cleaned during the winter? I feel bad as mine are looking shabby but the rain keeps marking them anyways!

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
Janhrrs6 months ago

I had a window cleaner. My husband said it was a waste of money when he could do it. Bought himself an expensive gadget to do it and rarely does them as he doesn't have time. I now have the muckiest windows in the street. Note to self ignore husbands big ideas 😂😂

Pjran6 months ago

I have the best window cleaner, my husband. He uses soapy water outside and a flash type spray inside. There’s nothing you can do about the rain so just grin and bear with it, everyone’s windows won’t be perfect.

PhilipMarc6 months ago

Generally, you can clean all windows, but there are a few who stay blurry until you find a cleaning liquid tool that actually works.

The experts tend to say you gotta but a new one, but that's not necessarily true. I'm no window cleaner expert, just from experience.

Worf6 months ago

My Windows are growing Alfa. I used to have a window cleaner but he kept leaving my back gate open so I started doing them myself. What with working long hours I don't have time to spend a day cleaning them so I'm officially the scruffiest on the street. I should really get someone to do them.

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