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Womans Innocent Pet Seized and Muzzled by Authorities to Possibly Be Put Down

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I feel so sorry for this lady

She is sitting at home minding her own business and without warning the 'Gestapo' arrive and take her dog away to possibly destroy it !!

Obviously some spiteful neighbour reported her even though the dog has not done nothing wrong and is no relation to dangerous dogs

What kind of ridiculous, archaic laws exist to enable this to happen ?

Its akin to witchcraft accusations in the 17th century where innocent women were snatched from their homes, tortured and burned at the stake , only its dogs this time

She is saying the dog was traumatised with being taken away and is now wetting everywhere in the house

I hope the lady can sue the authorities for this, but i doubt it


a month ago
What do you think of this?
Chelchela month ago

I used to work with rescue dogs so I believe her when she says the dogs now traumatised, I used to see dogs wet everywhere due to stress and trauma.

I agree with you I hope she sues the authorities and even the spiteful people who made false reports

Original Poster
a month ago

Hi C, i dont know if someone had reported her but i assume this was the case for them to take the dog off her in this way

Its terrible to think this could happen to anyone else

That law needs changing pronto

Thanks for your input

Ps i put @natch the dog off her and it was censored, so i changed it to take, i didnt even know @natch was not acceptable ?

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