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YouTube Hiding Dislikes to Protect "Smaller Channels"

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Oh, right. Smaller channels like the White House, CNN, CBS, BBC, CBC, MSNBC, etc.

The feelings of the "smaller channels" matter more than what people genuinely think of them. And with this, scams and fake tutorials will exponentially increase.

Great job, Google.

3 weeks ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBanana3 weeks ago

I tend to very rarely give a dislike. If I see someone's opinion that is their opinion and unless its offensive I don't give a dislike. Same with music if I don't like it I won't dislike it or like it. People seem far too liberal with dislikes.

On the EMBN channel they block my posts nows because I disagreed with the video and made perfectly valid contrary points to the video without being rude at all but its pretty much an advertising channel and they get their money from featuring products that they get paid to feature. If the sponsor is trying to sell ebikes for £12k they don't want someone pointing out the problems and issues with that product which I understand when they have paid to get that video created. I simply unsubscribed and that is the end of that. There are plenty of other channels about ebikes that aren't glorified advertising/marketing.

I recently went through all the youtube channels I subscribed to cutting back on my subscriptions to reduce my recommendations and subscription lists and many of the channels I culled were the larger channels because I simply was ignoring most of their content. I often think the smaller channels are more interesting.

Imnotcheap3 weeks ago

You could look at this both ways as some people simply like yo moan from the safety of behind a keyboard

davidstockport3 weeks ago

The choice of whether likes and dislikes are displayed or hidden is not YouTube's, It is usually the choice of the channel owner. (the uploader).

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