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Yoyo Diet or Have You Tried a Diet and Kept the Weight Off?

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After being on a diet do you usually just put the weight back on- guilty plus 2kg christmas extra 😱 How do you manage to keep it off post diet?

20 days ago
What do you think of this?
stuart20 days ago

Not being personal but if you feel your weight is making you feel ugly and depressed go to your doctor and tell them. Im 39 and have a bmi of 30 but due to some medic pills i take put weight on. He gave me a pill called Orlistat 120mg 3 times a day i lost the weight and it stayed off. Only on prescription but i lost 3 stone in a month.

rls20 days ago

I lost a shed load of weight on Slimming World and if I say that I kept all that weight off you'll have to believe me because there's no photos 😁

hspexy20 days ago

Everyone does things differently, and weight is a very personal, ongoing battle for some. Theres no right way to do it. Just do whats comfortable and manageable, and don't beat yourself up over relapses, as they’re bound to happen. Just aim for healthy and happy

BonzoBanana20 days ago

The way I lost weight previously was a physical job which was some distance away which I cycled to and had a huge hill on route. I'd lost over 10 stone but sadly the company closed and I ended up in a office job and some of the weight came back so fairly heavy again. Weight loss is normally something like 90% food calorie reduction and 10% exercise but at the time the muscles in my legs were phenomenally strong so I'm pretty sure I'd raised my daily required calories significantly. I'd lost a lot of weight despite still eating a large amount of food at the time. I felt truly fantastic regarding health and I don't think I had a day of work for illness for something like 5 years. The cycling also meant I was saving a huge amount of money on fuel and car maintenance and helped me save a significant amount of money to afford a deposit on a house. Cycling can help you lose weight, massively increase your fitness and also make you wealthier if you commute to work by cycling instead of a car. Also its a lifestyle change which often is the most important thing to keeping the weight down long term.

Even if your work is some distance away you can always drive to a safe parking place and then cycle from there to make it a more manageable ride maybe covering the distance half by car and half by bicycle this is especially good if you are currently paying for parking or you work is in an area where there are huge traffic jams so you can actually speed up your commute by using a bicycle and eliminate parking costs. For example some people may drive to a park and ride car park and then cycle to work from there rather than use the buses.

I just feel cycling is a great way to lose weight and save money and also fantastic for the environment. If you aren't currently that fit an ebike could make an easy introduction back into cycling. If you have a small car a folding ebike isn't that dear.

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