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All our Michael Kors Deals and Offers for October 2018


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How can I save money at Michael Kors?

Fashion brands such as Michael Kors command a steep price because of their recognition as a luxury product. They don't like to show themselves having deals and discounts because that impacts their brand. So often they have secret sales hidden on their website from wider public view.

In the past, bargain hunters of Latest Deals have saved money at Michael Kors by looking out for these secret sales. For example, 50% off for 48 hours with a unique code.

How do you get this discount code and save money at Michael Kors? Simply sign up to their newsletter. This is often the best way to receive invitations to private sales. On a side note, signing up to company newsletters is a great way to receive many promotions.

Another trick is to put a product you want into the shopping basket online and then leave. Often - but not always - brands will send you an email containing a voucher code to try and tempt you to finish your transaction. Just make sure you're registered when you do so, otherwise they won't have your email address.