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How to edit a retailer page

Every brand on Latest Deals has a 'Retailer Page'.

Step 1: Search for the brand


On the home page, search for the name of the brand, for example "TK Maxx".

As you type, search suggestions will appear underneath. The brand will appear at the top, under the label "Brands". Click this result to go to its retailer page.

Step 2: Click Edit


If you have administrative access, you will see an 'Edit' button on the top right of the page. Click this to edit the Retailer page.

Step 3: Type Information


You will then be able to type information for the page:

  • Tagline - Subtitle of the retailer page
  • Header - A paragraph of text to appear at the top of the retailer page
  • What is [Brand]? - Information about the brand
  • ...
  • Voucher Page - Information to appear on the voucher section of the retailer page

Step 4: Press Save

Please remember to press save. The website does not auto-save. If you type something and leave the page, it will be gone. You must press save after every change. Suggest you press save regularly and often.

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