1. How to Post a Flash Deal

How to Post a Flash Deal

If you are a company looking to post a deal on LatestDeals.co.uk, follow these steps:

How to Post a Flash Deal

1. Press Share on the top right

2. Press Flash - it should look like this:


3. Type in the URL to your Amazon.co.uk product (we only support Amazon UK at this time)

4. Fill in the information including a title (read - How to write a good title), description (read - How to write a good description)

5. Add price information (minimum discount 50%)

6. Add a picture

7. Add a discount code if there is one - You can either add a) multi-use group code or b) single-use unique codes. We support up to 100 single-use unique codes.

8. Choose a relevant category for the product

9. Set the publication date for when the deal should go live - if you leave blank it will publish immediately

10. Set the expiration date for when the deal will finish - if all the unique codes are used it will automatically expire. The maximum time is 7 days.

11. Press "Share Flash Deal"

Q: Why can't I see my Flash Deal on the Flash page?

A: The Flash Deal page is set to sort by default by the biggest discount. You can change it to Newest and you should see your deal at the top.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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