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How Much Do These Iconic Christmas Homes Actually Cost?

December 25, 2017, 9:00 AM

Millions on people spend their Christmas at home watching classic festive films like Home Alone, Elf, and Love Actually.

There are many reasons that a Christmas movie can become iconic, but one thing that they all have in common is they have a central hub where most of the action takes place.

It’s often these homes that become recognisable and associated with the films, but if you wanted one of the houses featured, how much would it cost you?

MortgageKey took a look at homes from six of the most popular Christmas films, and the houses in them.

1. Home Alone- £1,585,000

The McCallister’s family home is an iconic feature of the film. Image: Hooked on Houses

Probably the most famous house to feature in a Christmas movie, the McCallister’s family home is where the action in this Christmas classic takes place.

Situated in a quaint suburban neighbourhood in Illinois, the house is huge, which is reflected in its high value.

2. Elf- £1,050,000

Buddy’s dad’s apartment gets transformed in the film. Image: Homesales

In the upbeat family favourite, Elf, the extravagant New York apartment featured belongs to Buddy the Elf’s dad.

Although Buddy may be a bit out of place in Manhattan, the apartment fits perfectly in the city on Central Park West.

3. Love Actually- £1,800,000

Natalie’s house in Love Actually features in the famous film Image: Google Street View

Natalie, played by Martine McCutcheon, is one of the many characters festive romantic comedy, and her house features in one of the most memorable scenes.

When the fictional Prime Minister of the film, played by Hugh Grant, goes on a hunt for her home in “the dodgy end of Wandsworth”, he ends up at this simple terraced house.

The house is actually located in Herne Hill in Wandsworth, but the price shows it is actually a high end London property.

4. The Holiday- £725,000

The quintessentially English cottage is one of the main locations in the film. Image: Getty

One of the less expensive houses on the list, Iris’ country cottage is one of the homes featured in the house swapping movie.

The charming English cottage is in Godalming, Surrey, just forty five minutes from London.

5. Miracle on 34th Street- £2,750,000

The house that Susan wishes for in the 1994 version of the film was recently on sale. Image: Hooked on Houses

In John Hughes 1994 adaptation of the Christmas classic, Susan Walker wishes for this picturesque yellow house with a perfect bedroom for Christmas.

The dream house, located in Forest Lake, Illinois, has the highest value on the list, costing almost £3 million.

6. Bad Santa- £1,130,000

The home featured in the adult Christmas movie is located in California. Image: Discover LA

In this Christmas comedy, Billie Bob Thornton plays a dishevelled and disgraced shopping mall Santa.

When a friend invites him to their grandmother’s house, viewers get to see the full splendour of the property.

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