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Mum creates incredible Paris-themed bedroom for her three daughters on a budget

November 5, 2019, 12:00 PM
  • Grace Lyons, 25, used her best DIY skills to create this tasteful bedroom for her girls
  • Grace got inspiration from Pinterest and used products from Wilko and Amazon - and even kebab sticks - to create the look
  • Grace provides tips to get the look

When it comes to Pinterest-worthy rooms, this mum has surely got to win a prize.

25-year-old Grace Lyons wanted to create a dream bedroom for her three daughters aged 18 months, four and five, so she set about looking for inspiration on Pinterest and bringing her best DIY skills to the party.

The result was this gorgeous, feminine Paris-themed room that Grace created using products from Wilko, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and the British Heart Foundation.

Grace, an artist and carer originally from South Africa but who now lives in Scarborough, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "We bought my husband's childhood home about two years ago. It needs lots of work and I'm determined to do as much as possible. We have three girls and they currently share the room.

"The girls' bedroom was the first project to tackle. I spend ages looking at themes on Pinterest, my guilty pleasure. My girls went on a holiday a few years back to Disneyland and couldn’t stop talking about Paris. So a Paris-themed bedroom was a clear winner among the themes. As they say, ‘Paris is always a good idea’!”

Grace began flexing her DIY skills as she began to transform the room.

"The bedroom walls had old wallpaper that had bubbled,” she explains. "I found layers of wallpapers over 30 years old once I started stripping it off. I ripped out and replaced the old carpet and changed the skirting boards.

"I wanted Paris in big letters covered in roses but all those similar on eBay or Etsy cost close to £60 per letter and didn’t look quite right, so I decided to make it myself.

"I ordered cheap artificial bouquets (lilac, pinks and whites) and strong cardboard on Amazon. I cut out, glued and taped the 3D letters together, then papier mached the letters using thin layers.

"When dry, it was painted and I used my glue gun to individually glue the flowers on. I liked the idea that the A in Paris could be an Eiffel Tower. I painted some kebab sticks black and used those to outline the metal work in the architecture.

"The room paint was called Marshmallow from Wilko, and it was just the right shade of baby pink. Everything else was up cycled second-hand furniture. The bed was a quick Facebook find - the previous owner hadn’t painted it and wanted rid of that day, so for £150 we had a bed for all three girls with a play area underneath.

"The cupboard and drawers were plain wood, so I sanded them down, glued appliqué to give it that French Romantic look, then painted it a matte lilac and cream colour. The iridescent light shade was a brilliant find at the British Heart Foundation for £3.

"I painted the bed with a ombre look I had been dying to try, then used some artificial vine to weave into the bed frame. I found French themed duvet covers and a fluffy rug to tie the look together.”

Grace - and her three girls - are unsurprisingly delighted by the stunning look of the room.

"It has added timeless beauty into our home,” Grace explains. "The room has the most tranquil romantic feeling. It definitely exceeded my expectations. The girls are still obsessed with it - they tell everybody about their Paris room. It was a hundred percent worth the effort.

“If you want to copy the look, I’d say don’t rush: take your time when painting and finding the right pieces.

"Don't overdo it with everything Eiffel Tower and Paris-themed. Use one statement piece and build everything to compliment it. Pastel colours and artificial flowers are great at completing the look.”

What Grace bought:

Paint £50

Skirting board £80

Bed £150

Vine £15

Rug £15

Cupboard and drawers were free

Applique £30

Carpet £200

Light £3

Duvets cover x3 £36

Letters total £160

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “This Paris-themed room looks so much more expensive than it really is - I can’t believe how fantastic it looks. It just shows that a bit of DIY, some artificial flowers and some creativity can really pull a room together. It also shows it’s always worth looking on Facebook marketplace for cheap furniture you can up cycle. Grace’s girls must be over the moon with their new bedroom!

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