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'Make Your Own' Giant Kinder Eggs Go VIRAL

December 26, 2017, 9:00 AM

This Christmas we've seen a huge rise in do-it-yourself efforts. Bargain hunters made their own ginvent calendars and now our community are at it with giant LOL Surprise and Kinder Surprise eggs.

LOL Surprise eggs are the must have Christmas present for kids this year, but some parents have made their own version - and it looks incredible.

Using just paper and a balloon, parents can make personalised surprise eggs for their kids, that are based on the LOL Surprise toys, or the classic Kinder Surprise eggs.

Photos of the DIY presents have gone viral online, being shared thousands of times on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (join Latest Deals on Facebook).

Kimmy Steventon revealed how she made hers:

Kimmy Steventon made Christmas surprise eggs for her kids this year

“I just used wallpaper paste, put gloves on, and smeared the paste over a balloon, and then covered it in newspaper.

“I did the whole balloon like this until it was five layers thick, and then an extra layer of kitchen roll to toughen it up a bit, and some plain white paper on top so it would be easier to paint.

“I filled it up with loads of shredded paper and hid all the goodies in it, leaving a hole at the top so the kids could use it as a lucky dip.

“I went free hand with my painting, but you can also print out a Kinder sign and glue it on instead.”

Lynn Mickle made giant LOL Surprise eggs for her grandchildren

Bargain hunter Laura Jukes even made a surprise snowman:

You can make a snowman out of just balloon and papier mache

She said, “I’ve made a snowman instead of an egg, the goodies are in his belly!

“The top balloon is a smaller one than the bottom, I then made a hole in the top one so I could fill it up and so the kids can get stuff out of it.

“I’m going to give it to the kids from me instead of Santa, no way he’s getting all the credit!”

Leah Rachael Kelly made a huge unicorn egg

Jenny Doe made hers into a Game of Thrones style dragon egg.

She said, “I made a giant surprise dragon egg for my daughter, it cost less than £4!

One shopper made her surprise egg a dragon egg

“I started with a layer of napkins, so there would be colour inside the egg, then put layers on paper on tip, mixing the glue with flour and water to give it extra strength.

“The final layer was also napkins, and the decoration on the egg were stips of napkin twists and stuck on.”

This year we've seen loads of incredible Christmas DIY efforts, including parents making their own Christmas hampers , plus a new trend in trying to reduce Christmas waste by re-using decorations in other ways - read Zero Waste Christmas.

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