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Woman reveals how she got £900 of freebies using a simple trick

November 12, 2019, 12:00 PM
  • Alina Andreea has saved hundreds of pounds since March
  • Alina applies for freebies, from food to makeup, daily
  • The duty manager provides tips on how to do the same

Most of us are delighted if we get a free sample of perfume at the shop - but one woman has got the act of freebie-hunting down to a fine art.

25-year-old Alina Andreea, who works as a duty manager at a guesthouse in Bath, says she has saved around £900 since joining an online freebie community in March.

Alina told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk that she got into freebie-hunting after joining the Facebook group Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK Group. 

“I apply daily and receive freebies three to four times a week - I’m always following the postman!” Alina says. “Usually, I get the freebies from the Facebook group or from active ads on Facebook. 

“I am also registered with Home Tester Club, TryIt and Alba Science. I have saved around £900 since March this year when I discovered the freebie group on Facebook. 

"I always feel happy when I get a freebie, especially when it's make-up, as working as a duty manager I always need to look good so a make-up freebie is always a joy - also, the make-up samples are so handy for holidays.”

Alina says she checks daily to make sure she’s up to date on all the latest freebies - and says even small freebies can save hundreds of pounds.

"To make sure I don't miss a freebie, I have joined Latest Free Stuff’s Telegram group, and I like the Facebook pages of cosmetic brands (for example MAC, Estee Lauder, Clarins and YSL) as there are active ads from where I get free samples,” she adds.

"For example, I have around 60 foundation samples, so this means around 10 full size bottles that would have cost me probably £280!”

As far as advice for other people goes, Alina advises that persistence pays dividends.

"Do not give up!” She recommends. "I always see people saying they are applying but they don’t receive anything or the lady from the counter was rude and didn’t give them any samples - this takes time and if someone says no just try again tomorrow when is a different person at the counter!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “Who doesn’t love a good freebie? I love success stories like Alina’s, which prove that five minutes of work and research every day can add up to thousands in savings. Whether you’re after free clothing, technology, makeup or food, joining groups like Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK Group can give you a head start and show you where to look."

audrienaylorover a year ago

Gosh what have I been missing, make up dinners and chocolate oooohhh help I want some of it.

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