The community is what makes Latest Deals awesome. And so it's only fair that we reward you for your hard work! The points system is designed to give back to people for genuine, helpful contributions.

What do I get points for?

Recommending a friend
Introducing a friend250 pointsUnlimited
Sharing a deal100 points3 deals per day
Sharing a voucher50 points3 vouchers per day
Sharing a freebie10 points3 freebies per day
Sharing a competition10 points3 competitions per day
Short remark (e.g. "Thanks" or "Great")0 points
Pretty decent comment5 points5 comments per day
Super great comment20 points
Bonus: Your comment gets 3+ likes20 pointsUnlimited
Liking a post5 points5 likes per day
Reporting a post as expired5 points3 reports per day
Adding additional information to a post5 points
Any other report5 points
Creating a great chat topic20 points2 topics per day
Writing a thorough, honest review20-100 points3 reviews per day

What can I do with my points?

It goes without saying that points mean prizes! We take on feedback from the community and tweak the rewards all the time. At the moment this is what your lovely points will gets you.

5,000 points£5 Amazon Voucher
15,000 points£10 Amazon Voucher
50,000 points£35 Amazon Voucher
100,000 points£50 Amazon Voucher
Every extra 50,000 points£50 Amazon Voucher
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