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Working Aldi Vouchers and Promo Codes for December 2019

Aldi is one of UK's leading supermakets because they offer quality local products. Groceries, clothes, home supplies and much more. Plus, increasingly you can buy things both in-store and online. Here, you'll find the latest Aldi voucher codes and coupons. This will help you save even more on your shopping, and help the family budget go further. Aldi is a discount supermarket which offers great value for money. A favourite amongst our bargain hunting community. It's for this reason that we created this page, dedicated to sharing Aldi's discount codes and special offers.

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Aldi 10% Off
Aldi 10% off voucher can be redeemed at Aldi Stores. Expires on 06/09/2019 so act quick before the voucher runs out... Read more
10% off
Food & Drink
6th Aug
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£10 off When You Spend £50
Get £10 off when you spend £50 or more on Garden Shop Specialbuys onlineThe online voucher of £10 off when you spend £50 or more on Garden Shop Specialbuys is valid for the period... Read more
£10 off
Home & Garden
21st Sep
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Get Rose Wine from £4 at ALDI
Shop from the range of Rose Wine at ALDI with prices starting from only £4.Need to know Ends Friday September 7, 2018 Valid every day Valid every monthTerms and ConditionsCannot... Read more
Food & Drink
2nd Sep 2018

How to redeem Aldi vouchers?


  • Select an Aldi voucher here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Aldi.co.uk.
  • Select the corresponding offer or item for your voucher and click "Add to Basket". You may also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, click the push cart icon found at the top right corner of the page to proceed to checkout.
  • Just below your order total you click "Add a Voucher" to reveal the box where you can type in or paste your code.
  • Click "Checkout Now" to log in with your email and password or simply enter your email to continue if you don't have an Aldi account yet.
  • Provide your delivery and billing details to finalize your order.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • I am definitely converted to Aldi. to be honest I never used to be much of a fan as I was unsure of the products and didn't like the layout. But last year I visited a new one that opened up near me and ever since then i continue to shop there. I love their weekly specials and online discount codes on both food and their home style range. I have brought my husband a lot of tools from there as they are fair cost and great equipment. I have downloaded the app and they give you an early preview of what stock will be coming in which you can pre-order, I have just made my first order via the app which is really easy to do and easy to spend a lot of money!! But you do get a lot in your basket compared to other supermarkets which can be double the price. they are a great store with fantastic prices. zararoberts86
  • I absolutely love Aldi! I think it's great for top up shops and they usually have everything you need! Its amazingly cheap with great voucher codes online but they don't scrimp on the quality! Apart from the speedy check out policy (!?) I don't have anything negative to say about Aldi. There are obviously a few items they don't sell but there's no harm in going to other shops every few weeks. But I easily do the majority of my food shops at Aldi and never have any issues. Some products I even go out of my way to get at Aldi as they are simply better then elsewhere! Fantastic shop! Mashleigh
  • I hate the layout and the way things are displayed in Aldi but have now got used to it and it is probably one of the cheapest supermarkets. I don't tend to buy meat or fish there but they do often have some good reductions late in the day as well as voucher codes on sites like Latest Deals so you can get a weeks shop for a bargain price. Also it's not a mad rush for the bargains like it can be in other supermarkets at reducing time. The only problem is the lack of car parking space at my local store but this is only at peak times. Freebiesarefun
  • Aldi has a good variety of products at good prices. They have nice special offers during sales as well as on online discount codes. I really liked the Christmas advent calendars and for their price, they were very good. Similar products cost 4 times that price. It would be nice if they would offer home deliveries for groceries to more places. Their garden range is quite pretty and at reasonable prices. Some of their products are more expensive compared to other supermarkets. The store doesn't look very appealing, the layout is poor, it doesn't make shopping an experience you can enjoy. KatherineSvenss
  • I love Aldi. It's my main supermarket. We have 4 here but I stick to just the 1 mainly. They have recently started to do 50% reduced again as they stopped them all and we're giving any foods to a local charity. Their staff in my local one are always friendly and you can have a laugh with them and they are so helpful. My friend works for Aldi but in an Australian store. I do like going and seeing what's on the super 6 and sometimes it gets me to try new things. The store is always clean and fresh and the veg is great. Plus you can get good deals from voucher codes online. Only one criticism is that the cucumbers always seem very soft. Don't know why but other than that it's fab. Great fruit great meat great staff great prices love it. funwithlisa
  • Mostly love Aldi!! Luckily I have two in walking distance so it's where I do the bulk of my weekly shop! The prices are great and on the whole the quality of food is really good too. I've seen reduced items and discount codes online more and more recently which is even better, especially for sticking in the freezer. Sometimes they don't sell more specific items that I need (kidney beans?) but on the other hand they quite often have bits that can't easily be found elsewhere. Sometimes a quick check shows that items can be bought cheaper in a Tesco Value range, but the two are very close so I mostly mix and match. Probably one of the few people to say this, but I love the checkout system! Packing bags under pressure is quite stressful for me so being able to chuck it all in the basket again and pack at the side is much better 😂😂 em221
  • I love shopping in Aldi and go in weekly, the products I have bought have always been good quality and at a much better price than the large supermarkets. I do have a list of items that I buy for my household both weekly and monthly. The staff have always been helpful and efficient. I always have a look at the weekly specials as well as discount codes online and have bought a few along side my regular shop. I have young children so the baby events are always very good. HayleyReevesHec
  • Have switched from Tesco to Aldi as my main food shop. For one thing, there is definitely a considerable saving. In terms of layout, Aldi is a bit crazy and haphazard. And they keep changing the layout which is a bit inconvenient. The product range is a bit limited but we do find most of our everyday food and household requirements. Might have to pop into an Asda or Tesco for any specialised food requirements, e.g. some sauce or spices. Love their sushi at the moment. Have some great deals on special buys sometimes and on voucher codes you can find online. Overall, great pricing but can improve store layout and product arrangement. kird2818
  • Love Aldi, brilliant prices and a wide choice of different products and groceries you don't find anywhere else. The quality of their meat has vastly improved from when they first opened, their rump steak is amazing as well as their beef sausages. The only issue I have is that their fruit and veg doesn't seem to last very long especially the fruit compared to other supermarkets even if they have a long sell by date. Their premium range face cream and eye serum is brilliant and is on par with high end cosmetic companies and has had brilliant reviews. Also, their luxury candles & reed diffusers are very affordable and have been compared to the very expensive Jo Malone ones. They smell lush and also make great gifts. Each week they have different "Specialbuy" ranges, they could be garden, kitchen equipment home decor or workwear to name but a few. You can also shop online now too for certain items with free delivery if you spend over £20 or from online voucher codes. jacquis
  • Aldi is great grocery shop. They have a very cheap prices for all products and surprising cheap price does not reflect quality. I think that the food quality is much better than in many other shops, especially vegetables. It is a pity that where I live they do not do home delivery otherwise it would have been the main shop for groceries. I wish they would have more shops as well. Their shops can be quite messy at a times as people do not put the items they checked back to the shelves where they belong, but It always the problem in cheap shops. Make sure to search for discount codes online to get some money off on your groceries. themystery3
  • Aldi is my favourite shop. I buy all my meat there and it's a great saving. I love the deals in the magazines as well as discount codes online so you know whats going to be on offer the next week so you can get there early if anything in particular takes your fancy, For me the downside is the tins not a great selection and what I have tried do not really like so i go elsewhere same with the washing powders. But everything else a big thumbs up. The store I use is always clean and tidy and staff are always helpful and pleasant. Thinking back when I first started using it I did not really like it was crammed with stock and was not really a great place to shop but over the years getting branded products in I think has made a great change. sandie12
  • Pretty much matches my other review about it’s brother store. Aldi is the other store I always shop in for those same reasons. Prices and fantastic voucher codes online! Although the prices are cheaper the actual food tastes just as good as the brands apart from certain things like ketchup. I was surprised to find that Aldi’s own version of crunchy nut tastes just as good as the brand and for a fraction of the price at 85p! I just wish they had more variety when it comes to some lunch items such as humus flavours but their penne pasta and pasta sauce is brilliant. There’s so many products I can recommend from Aldi. I also get household items from here such as dishwasher tablets and the jo malone knock off candles because again, they’re good value for money. I have the same criticism that I did for Lidl though - not enough staff on the tills ever! Sort it out Aldi because sometimes I’m only grabbing lunch and have to queue for ages for one item. Sometimes I get a lovely customer in front of me who notices that and lets me go first, but we all then have a chat about the tills problem too. AniMoh