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Working B&Q Vouchers and Promo Codes for March 2019

If you are looking to improve your home's look, B&Q is all you need. Whether you are an expert handyman or an artist, B&Q provides mix and match options perfect for your ideal home. With the use of a B&Q discount code or B&Q voucher code, you'll find that you can give your room and office a more vibrant and elegant look without having to go beyond your budget.

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£5 off Orders over £30
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£5 off
Home & Garden
7th Dec 2018

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  • I use B&Q quite regularly. I have been there twice in the past week as I have been completing a project in the garden. I find their click & collect option very helpful as the items are in store by the next day. I know I can get some of the items much cheaper but for convenience, I find it a good store. Our local B&Q is quite large and stock a great range of items. Any time I have had to return an item, the process has been easy and the staff have been very helpful. frogdogsnogs
  • I like to shop in B&Q as I think you can find really good deals, they have everything, from a screw to a bath. The service click and collect is great, staff really polite and have good knowledge of the products they selling. You can find a B&Q voucher code online. When I had a garden I did used them on regular basis. Any return I had been sorted straight away with out any hassle. Shame I live a far from B and Q other way I would shop there more often. AlicjaJagielska
  • I love B&Q. We have a huge store near by and they always have great sales and discount codes especially on their huge tubs of paint and you can buy enough paint for 2 rooms for the price of one so always great savings. They also always have plenty of sale baskets in our store with paint brushes etc all the little things that all add up when your decorating you can get really cheap. Love their click and collect service too, items always ready to collect very quickly without any issues. Great customer service always nice friendly and helpful staff who are always willing to help with anything you need. Shopped there for years and never had an issue with them, one of my top stores SRFMLY
  • I have a huge B and Q at the bottom of my street so I'm always popping in on my way to and from Tesco. I have had some great deals. I wallpapered my living room with reduced wallpaper from here and I loved it, there returns process has always been easy and I've never had an issue with quality. I love having a good browse as you never know what you will pick up. I like to use B&Q vouchers where I can. The staff in my local b and Q have always been helpful and friendly. Ive used their click and collect service numerous times and the items are always available very quickly after ordering. They also have a huge garden centre with everything you could possibly need for your garden Nikki2017
  • I do like B&Q as they have all your DIY needs, we recently visited to purchase wallpaper and paint but ended up getting a lot more as they had many offers and discounts on. There was a whole wall filled with reduced wallpaper, they had great build your own section of cupboard cube interlocking units which you can choose doors, draws or canvas tubs, build your own wardrobe and much more. As we are signed up to their loyalty card we also had a B&Q voucher they had applied to our account which was a nice surprise discount. Would definitely recommend them. zararoberts86
  • I like B&Q and spent quite a fair bit in there. My last experience was a bit iffy though. I couldn't get a big enough tub for the colour I wanted.. So I went with this other brand (can't remember the name, think it begins with a 'v'). Anyway they mixed the paint and said don't worry, the colour will settle down. My partner started to paint and it was the brightest blue, definitely not what I picked, also was sooo streaky and patchy too. (still have a photo some where). I took it back and showed them the colour is what meant to be. I got passed from here to there and eventually got my money back. Only bad experience I've ever had.. Will always just stick to Dulux now! Such a big store they have, I always get lost in it! ScotsChick
  • I have a great garden chair and table set from B&Q. It was so light I picked it up in store and was able to carry it myself which helped when I got home! The staff in my local branch are very helpful, when I was trying to find a particular shelf size they found it where I hadn't looked. They also have a great garden centre area and I find that the fruit and veg plants from there last a really long time and make a lot of produce. It's cheap and they have good sales on sometimes. Look online for a B&Q discount code to save even more. Freebiesarefun
  • B&Q was great but now I find they have reduced a lot off there stock and you cant find as much in there. Prices have risen a lot and you can get most paints cheaper in supermarkets. The garden centre is not what it used to be and prices again have risen a lot. Best waiting for sales, clearance or a good B&Q promo code. On the plus side mine has a coffee shop in so its nice to have a sit in there and have a coffee. The staff are always helpful and are only to happy to show you were products are. Still a thumbs up for me on some products. sandie12
  • B&Q are great for all things DIY, and they have good prices. We find a lot of good bargains on wood when it's marked down, and if you just need something small, there is a bin near the cutter where you can just take what you need. This came in handy for us several times for small repairs. They will also cut to requirements free of charge. They have a good clearance section that's always full of useful bits, and additional free cuts and wood for burning near the front entrance. You often get B&Q vouchers with the loyalty program. It's a great store willing to give rather than discard goods they cannot sell. Angemala
  • I think B&Q are fantastic, we use them for all big DIY projects, I find the staff to be very knowledgeable about their products, they can offer alternative solutions too which sometimes results in you getting a better deal. I like the fact they are as just as helpful if you are spending £1 as they are if you were spending £100s. They have great clearance sections & you often get some fab deals and vouchers online that you can click & collect at your convenience. They have the B&Q club & also the over 60s discount, all very handy. SandyRhodes
  • I love B&Q. When shopping there last week we were in need of assistance and the staff couldn't have been more helpful and knowledgeable. I once had a 20 minute chat with a lovely staff member about the best way to paint glass! Nothing is too much trouble. The store has everything you could need DIY wise. Their clearance deals are heavily reduced and their regular prices are reasonable. My kids loved attending their free DIY club, they made spinning CD racks, hedgehog houses etc. Their instructional videos have really helped us too, most recently with our first attempt at wallpapering after a so-called professional decorator had to be asked to stop because he was botching it so badly- we'd have been lost without them! It's my first choice of DIY store by a long way. And of course, try and get a discount code to save a bit of money. kellyknight